Rythm of the Earth
Handwoven by PapoWraps

4th place in the First Polish Babywearing Weavers Competition


It is quiet.
So peaceful and good. You hear your even breath. The warm wind slightly touches the bare arms. The land smells sweet and clear because it just rains…

It is quiet.
Delicate rays of the sun pierce through the thicket of the forest.

It is quiet, warm and safe. A small man is still following you.


L: 3,2m
~350 gsm

Warp: 50 % hand dyed mulberry silk, 50 % hand dyed tussah silk
Weft I: 100% hand-spun & hand dyed merino
Weft II: 45 % mulberry silk, 35 % Australian wool, 15 % shantung silk, 5 % merino

Great pics. Ela Bednarek

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